Samen werken aan slimme mobiliteit voor morgen.

Start your journey
In our interactive infographic you will learn everything about traffic and mobility in North Limburg in a pleasant and simple way. Firstly choose a character and travel through your municipality and to the future ... (Only in Dutch)
Goals and objectives
We focus on goals and objectives per municipality and for the region. You can see them right here. Furthermore, you can make your own selections and download the most important data. Get started right away! (Only in Dutch)

Trendsportal: smart mobility for tomorrow

Trendsportal offers residents, businesses, interested parties and governments access to stimulating ideas and an unexpected look at traffic and transport issues in North Limburg. Trendsportal is an initiative of the eight municipalities of Regional Mobility RMO (Regionaal mobiliteitsoverleg) of North Limburg and is open to everyone who feels involved personally or professionally, and actively wants to contribute to sustainable, safe and smart mobility for tomorrow.

Move to the future

The journey that Trendsportal is going to make together with all those involved is not a blueprint. By means of process steps via the SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) method, we are jointly developing the vision on mobility in North Limburg.

The visual you see here shows this journey. From the world of today, to the world of tomorrow. From just thinking about something at a desk to cooperation. From our own cars to sustainable energy solutions, electric shared cars and mobility brokers etc.

In the middle of the visual you can see the experimental garden of North Limburg. In the coming period, we will be working together with partners on a complete, future-proof mobility vision for North Limburg.

Download the visual: Move to the future

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