‘Borderless Mobility’ winner of the mobility challenge

Last week, during Hackathon – Mobility as a service – at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen , 85 experts, young professionals and students got started on four challenges related to mobility. Trendsportal also had a great challenge.

Challenge Trendsportal

It had everything to do with the image of Limburg’s infrastructure in 2040. What will that look like by then? The diversity of vehicles continues to grow. From bicycles to drones. Do we need separate solutions for all these vehicles or should they be merged? The participants’ talk was to come up with a solution.

Jury of seven

In addition to the challenge from Trensportal, the Province of Limburg, the CBS and Q-Park also had some challenges for the participants. The participants were divided into nine teams and were given 48 hours to meet a challenge. On Sunday afternoon, they presented the results to the seven-member jury. Alderman Ike Busser, president of the Regional Mobility Consultation of North-Limburg and administrative member of Trendsportal, was one of the jury members.

Top 3 solutions

The jury was unanimous in their decision. The winner: team BoMo, ‘Borderless Mobility’. The team came up with a carpool service that would enable people who travel between two countries to be connected to each other based on big data. Team Turtle ended up in second place with a new idea for car-sharing called ‘Travel Mate’. This application links travels to each other based on data and interest, just like what currently happens on social media. Third place went to team Arcus with a developed idea for Truck platooning. This would provide more room on the road and therefore a better traffic flow.

The many ideas provided a lot of inspiration for Trendsportal. Including for projects already running. Who knows what the future will bring us.