Electric cargo bike won by Beesel resident

On (Easter) Monday, April 2, the winner of Trendsportal’s electric cargo bike was announced by Ike Busser, president of Trendsportal (RMO North-Limburg). The winner is Bianca, a resident of the municipality of Beesel. She is one of the hundreds of residents from North-Limburg who had discussions with Trendsportal about the fast changes in mobility. The goal: one mobility vision that contributes to smart, sustainable and safe mobility in North-Limburg now and in the future.

Vision of traveling

During the past year, the electric cargo bike traveled through the eight municipalities of North-Limburg and residents had the opportunity to share their vision of mobility in the future. Inspiring entries were submitted: from flying with drones to shared cars that would (eventually) replace Public Transport. The winner of the electric cargo bike, Bianca, said: “It would be run to travel through the municipality of Beesel this way, with the kids from the BSO ‘t Rovertje where I work.” “It is expected that the electric (cargo) bike will play an increasingly big role in traffic. This means that roads and rules will also need to be adjusted to this, so that this sustainable vehicle will get the space it needs. This is one of the things Trendportal is working on”, says Ike Busser.

About Trendsportal

Trendsportal, an initiative for the eight municipalities in North-Limburg, is challenging professionals and residents of North-Limburg to join in brainstorming to create a vision of smarter Mobility for tomorrow. One of the projects they are co-facilitating is the new Custom Driver’s Training, a new approach to reduce the number of traffic victims among your drivers, which is already successful nationally. In addition, they are soon starting a pilot for share-transport in North-Limburg. For more information, visit:


The photo is of the wining entry to the Facebook promotion by Trendsportal. It shows the winner Bianca and her colleague Wilma from Kindcentrum ’t Rovertje from the municipality of Beesel.