EU-program Urban Innovative Actions: a chance for Trendsportal!

The European Commission is launching a program called Urban Innovative Actions (IUA), which supports experimental projects that are too risky to be financed through traditional financing sources. The program finances innovative, daring solution for challenges in urban areas all over Europe, which are making a positive change for residents. Ambitious and creative ideas are converted into prototypes here, which can be tested in cities elsewhere in Europe. Municipalities that alone or together have more than 50,000 inhabitants are eligible. Trendsportal is working on various innovative mobility solutions for the future. A great opportunity to get European support for our work!


  • Possible projects within the Urban Innovative Actions include:
  • Stimulating and facilitating cycling (including e-bikes and cargo bikes) as a healthy, clean and cost-effective means of transport;
  • Solutions that contribute to the implementation and development of sustainable mobility plans (SUMPs);
  • Innovative multi-modal nodes and mobility services, which enable difference transport modes to be better aligned with each other and passengers to be able to make well-founded decisions about the most effective and sustainable ways to travel;
  • Setting up logistical nodes to decrease congestion and to increase the average traveling time;
  • Solutions related to mobility, such as carpooling or systems for sharing bicycles;
  • Facilitating and implementing innovative infrastructure for alternative fuels, particularly special charging stations for electric vehicles.

Does your work theme fit in with this program?

Send in your application! Trendsportal is participating. On Wednesday January 25, we prepared the application, along with our partners. Interested? You are welcome to join! You can register by sending an email to . The subsidy percentage within this UIA-call is 80% of the eligible costs. Every project can receive a maximum of € 5 million in subsidies. The execution of a program must take place within a period of maximum 3 years. Applications may be submitted until April 14, 2017. You can find more information at: