Newsletter #1: Welcome to Trendsportal

Welcome to Trendsportal!

Drones, self-driving cars, electric vehicles, 3D printing… what effect will these trends have on the mobility of the future? And what does it means for traffic and transport in the North-Limburg region? Over 60 professionals from various fields examined these questions on November 9 and 10. In a platform called Trendsportal , they got together with the 9 North-Limburg municipalities with the goal of developing a future-proof vision of mobility for the region.

But a future-proof, but especially a complete vision is not something you develop alone as a government. Peter van Wijlick, coordinator of the Regional Mobility Consultation North-Limburg emphasizes: “Trendsportal therefore challenged over 60 professionals from various sectors of the business world and government to create concrete plans for North-Limburg in two days. And they succeeded; the high expectations were exceeded and we are very happy with the result, which we will be developing more fully during the coming months. Companies and institutions with ambitions related to mobility are very welcome to join us.”

Trendsportal is growing!

The network is growing. And how! In November, over 60 professionals joined Trendsportal. Together we have the ambition to be the most climate-friendly and the safest region in the Netherlands by 2040. The successful two-day event in November has a follow-up that was at least as inspiring on Thursday evening, December 15. In the coming months, the professionals involved will be further developing six work themes:

Innovative mobility

Facilitating bike traffic

Traffic safety

Improving air quality

Changing society

Ride shares

In the 8 participating municipalities in North- North-Limburg, ideas and dreams about mobility are alive at the local level. In the first quarter of 2017, Trendsportal will be starting with local strategic sessions.

Work theme Innovative Mobility will start ‘Living Lab Logistics Venlo (L3Venlo)’

The work group Innovative Mobility will be exploring the feasibility of a Living Lab Logistics Venlo. In addition, various supply chain partners will be testing the use of logistics innovations in practice, such as self-driving and electric trucks.

The ambition is to have the first self-driving truck driving in the Logistics Hotspot Venlo/Venray in 2018. They can be used for transporting containers between the inland terminals in Venlo/Venray and the distribution centers of logistics providers or for the transport of vegetables and fruit between the trade companies in ZON Fresh Park. The Living Lab Logistics also offers innovative companies and startup support in the further development of their products and services.

The work group will present the first contours of the plan in March of 2017. Companies and governments that want to contribute to the ambition of the Living Lab Autonomous Logistics are invited to join.

Colleague with passion: Bart Pastoor

In this column we meet a colleague with a special passion for mobility. Bart Pastoor, independent business owner at Barticipatiedotcom, is starting things off. Bart describes his role in team Trendsportal as ‘process consultant with a creative slant’. With his efforts, Bart want to ‘allow the future’ in the process in order to mobilize as much thinking and doing power as possible in North-Limburg. “If you want to know more about me,” Bart says, “just Google me :-)”.

Where does your passion for mobility come from?

“My passion is not so much about mobility, but about change and transition. And those things are groundbreaking in terms of mobility. ZSelf-driving ‘cars’, hyperloop, robots, drones; they’re all going to change the way we look at mobility. We are living in a phenomenal time with very interesting developments. What fascinates me is how we can give meaning to those developments in the Trendsportal process, for the people in this region.”

How do you use your passion within Trendsportal?

“By being who I am. Empowering people. Always being curious and never being easily satisfied with ideas and solutions that are offered. There is always more power than be initially think. My power is that I can motivate people in a cheerful way to dig deeper.”

When will you consider Trendsportal to have succeeded?

“Right now. I mean, I think the courage to do things differently as managers and as officers is truly commendable. That will have to lead to new insights and ideals. Trendsportal will be setting the trend for how the ‘new government’ facilitates society to collaborate on an elementary need: meeting each other.”

In the news: EU program Urban Innovative Actions

The European Commission is launching a program called Urban Innovative Actions (IUA), which supports experimental projects that are too risky to be financed through traditional financing sources. The program finances innovative, daring solutions for challenges in urban areas all over Europe that are creating a positive change for citizens. Ambitious and creative ideas are converted into prototypes here that can be tested in cities elsewhere in Europe. Municipalities that alone or together have more than 50,000 residents are eligible. Trendsportal is working on various innovative mobility solutions for the future. A great opportunity to get European support for our work!

Does your work theme fit in with this program?

Submit your application! Trendsportal is participating. On Wednesday, January 25, we are preparing the application, with our partner. Interested? You are welcome to join us! You can register by sending an email to: . The subsidy percentage in this UIA-call is 80% of the van costs that can be subsidized. Every project can receive up to a maximum of € 5 million in subsidies. The execution of a project must take place within a period of maximum 3 years. Applications can be submitted until April 14, 2017.