Newsletter #2

Trendsportal offers citizen, companies, interested parties and governments access to stimulating ideas and an unexpected perspective of traffic and transport issues in North-Limburg. We provide an update once every two months through this newsletter.



In this edition of the newsletter:

• A look back at the successful local session of Trendsportal in Venlo.

• The exhibition ‘Onderweg, van karrenspoor tot A73’, looks not only at the past, but also at the future of traffic and transport in North-Limburg. And interesting exhibition in De Locht!

• Take a look in the Geographic information system and found the facts and figures of mobility of North-Limburg.

• Trendsportal was presented in the international cooperation with Euregio Rijn-Maas-North.

• The work group ‘Stimulating bicycle use is working actively on rolling out and organizing the first concret projects.

• Charles Claessens, strategist at the province of Limburg talks about his passion for mobility.