North-Limburg is prepared for the mobility of the future

Ike Busser, alderman in the municipality of Venray/ administrative client Trendsportal.
Ike Busser, alderman in the municipality of Venray/ administrative client Trendsportal.

Drones, self-driving cars, electric vehicles, 3D printing… what effect will these trends have on the mobility of the future? Over 60 professionals from various fields examined these questions on November 9 and 10. In a platform named Trendsportal, they got together with the 8 North-Limburg municipalities with the goal of developing a future-proof vision of mobility for the region. 

The future of mobility in North-Limburg

The worldwide trends in mobility all contradict each other. In order to stay ahead of the developments related to traffic and transportation, Trendsportal creates its own trends on the way to sustainable, safe and smart mobility for tomorrow. But a future-proof, but especially complete vision is not something you develop alone as government, Peter van Wijlick, coordinator of the Regional Mobility consultation of North-Limburg emphasizes: “Trendsportal therefore challenged over 60 professionals from various sectors of the business world and government to create concrete plans for North-Limburg in two days. And they succeeded; the high expectations were exceeded and we are very happy with the result, which we will be developing more fully during the coming months.”

Results of the two-day event

Dreams are the engine of innovation. Without dreams, the Afsluitdijk and the Delta Works would never have come into existence. During the two-day event, a lot of dreaming went on, about a circular and green economy in which quality of life is central, for example. To reinforce those dreams, participants had the opportunity to experience riding in a self-driving car. But dreaming alone is not enough. Daring and deeds are required to make dreams come true. The participants therefore immediately translated their vision into actions. They identified seven themes that they could get started on right away. Safety and the reduction of CO2 emissions, for example, but definitely also innovative mobility forms, such as public transport- ‘on demand’, bicycle-sharing and electric and self-driving car-sharing. The managers at the event emphasized that they are committed to the plans: “We want to work towards new communities; that is not something you can do alone; you can only do that in collaboration with others. That is why I think it’s important that we get communities closely involved in this. The

government must figure out how they can support communities optimally,” says alderman Ike Busser, president of the administrative RMO.

About Trendsportal

Trendsportal is an initiative of the eight municipalities of the RMO North-Limburg and is open to anyone who feels a sense of commitment, either personally or professionally, and wants to actively contribute to sustainable, safe and smart mobility for tomorrow. The initiative gives residents, companies, interested parties and governments access to stimulating ideas and an unexpected perspective of traffic and transport issues in North-Limburg. The two-day event has launched the impetus to further develop new initiatives. Via, the platform will also continue to challenge companies and citizens to actively get involved during the coming months.