Pilot Custom Driver’s training showing positive results

On Thursday evening, November 2, the results of the pilot Young Drivers, Custom Driver’s training was presented at the Transport College in Venlo. . The young participants were also thanked for their contribution by representative Eric Geurts.

The pilot Custom Driver’s Training has been running for four years, with the objective of reducing the number of traffic victims among young drivers. The pilot is an initiative of Trendsportal (RMO North-Limburg), together with the Regional Body for Traffic Safety Limburg and with the support of local partners Ruud Rutten Traffic Training and Driving School Wim Ummenthum.

Young drivers currently have five times more chance of being in a traffic accident. Traffic is therefore the no. 1 cause of death for youth between the ages of 17 and 25!

Custom Driver’s Training approach

Unlike the current driver’s courses, the approach of Custom Driver’s Training starts before the driving lessons and continues after the driver’s license has been obtained. The approach consists of three additional components. First of all, youth are tested for their mental attitude while driving. Youth are accompanied by a driving coach. Plus, young people learn to evaluate their own progress with the help of self-reflection techniques and by getting feedback from other students.  “I think Custom Driver’s Training is a really good course. The self-reflection was really important to me. The coach in the car was great,”, said Bo van Duren, one of the participants of the pilot’.

Higher score, same cost

Custom Driver’s Training scores better than the current driving course (RIS) being offered in the Netherlands in a number of ways. The results were examined by Royal Haskoning DHV and Cito. The main results: the duration is more compact (31 weeks as apposed to more than 42 weeks); the cost of the total driver’s course is virtually the same (2523 Euros as apposed to 2522 Euros); and the Custom Driver’s Training participants passed their driving test to obtain their license in fewer attempts (1.23 attempts versus 1.93 attempts). In addition, the driver trained through Custom Driver’s Training is a safer driver, because they adjust their speed during rain and busy traffic and the reference gave the Custom Driver’s Training a higher score in virtually all categories.

Wider roll-out in the Netherlands

General manager Petra Delsing of the Central Bureau for Driving Skills was also at the symposium. After she had seen the results, Petra said: “It gives me goosebumps, it really touches me. This training seems to provide what we like best at the Central Bureau for Driving Skills: well-trained candidates for the driving exam.” VEKA Best has now further developed a number of components of the pilot in the practical driver’s training method for driving schools under the name Drive! “A great step in the direction of our goal to be able to offer the Custom Driver’s Training all over the Netherlands in the future”, says Ike Busser, manager at RMO North-Limburg.

Press photo regarding  a group photo of the collaboration partners and participants of the pilot Custom Driver’s Training, including Petra Delsing of the CBR and Deputy Eric Geurts, of the province of Limburg.