Trendsportal Key Team

Trendsportal is an initiative of the eight municipalities of the RMC North-Limburg and is open to anyone who feels personally or professionally involved and would like to be involved in and actively contribute to the sustainable, safe and smart mobility of the future.

To achieve this, a key team of 9 members is insuring the correct procedures, inspiration and support of all participants. Below we briefly introduce them to you.

Luc Meex

Trendsportal/ Province of Limburg
06 11 24 89 52

Patrick Bouman

strategic connector
+31 6 53 71 69 62

Mieke Peeters

Policy Supporter Road Safety and Grants
+31 618573680

Eric Beurskens

Municipality of Horst aan de Maas
077 477 97 77

Peter van Wijlick

Regional Mobility Coordinator
Regional Mobility Consultation (RMO) North-Limburg
06 21146598

Marcel Roelofs

Municipality of Beesel
+31 77 4749292

Hans Driessen

Senior Adviser for Management & Execution
Municipality of Bergen

Steven Duerink

Infrastructure, Traffic and Transport Adviser
Municipality of Peel en Maas
077 3066666

Siemen Halbersma

Senior traffic expert for Spatial Development Team
Municipality of Venray
0478 523563 / 06 12969752

Lex Nicoll

Policy officer
Municipality of Beesel
06 25156589

Christel Crijnen-Hermans

Project support officer
Municipality of Venlo
077 3596497

Bart Sligter

Municipality of Horst aan de Maas
06 23597273

Bart Pastoor

Organization optician
06 21803580

Marlieke Talen

Communications adviser
Municipality of Venlo
06 42274959

André van der Dussen

Traffic Affairs Policy Officer
Municipality of Gennep
0031 6 130 80 201

Who participated in the development of the Mobility vision?

The Mobility vision of Trendsportal was developed through collaboration with around 500 participants. You can see these participants below, in a brief summary.

Regional stakeholders

Trendsportal started on 9 and 10 November 2016 in Chateau De Raay, in Baarlo. During this two day event a large mix of approximately seventy five participants started dreaming of the future of Mobility in North-Limburg. This is where our mission, our values and goals came about, and the imagination in the Mobipool of this future. View the complete report on this two-day event here.

Local stakeholders

Sessions were organized for residents and entrepreneurs in various municipalities in North Limburg. Council members were also present at almost all the workshops. More than 300 persons participated in these meetings.
The ‘harvest’ of compliments that the municipality opened in this way, support for Trendsportal, adjustment of the values and goals, views, project ideas and interest to get started is very right. View what was collected per municipality.

(The municipality of Peel en Maas hitched on a wider route. The municipality of Bergen the results of a recently drawn up GVVP was used and in Beesel the link was made with the theme of sustainability.)

Children from 4 to 12 years –Mobility Lab

On 17 October 2017 an event was held at Droompark Maasduinen for children from 4 to 12 years, the Mobility Lab. Playfully, the children gave their view and vision on the mobility of the future. 70 children and a dozen parents participated. Together they thought about traveling in the future. Ideas of flying bicycles, to everyone working from home, were heard. Curious about their vision? Read more here.

Residents of North-Limburg

From 6 to 11 October 2017 Trendsportal took part in the regional HILTHO exhibition. This exhibition, with around 60000 to 70000 visitors, allowed many people to learn about the issues related to mobility. By means of 10 statements on mobility we were able to get a glance on how the residents themselves think of mobility.
During the Hiltho approximately 500 people were interviewed and more than 150 statements were answered.

People with disabilities – MEE foundation

In cooperation with MEE North and Mid-Limburg, Trendsportal recently held discussions with people with disabilities and the impact of this on their mobility. View the video report here.

Managers region of North-Limburg

On 31 October the Regional Mobility Collaboration of North-Limburg organized a meeting for the region of Venlo. Various board members and directors of the various municipalities attended. Trendsportal also participated. On the basis of the exhibition, themes were shown in the field of mobility which affect the region of Venlo. Trendsportal interviewed the attendees on their vision on mobility in 2040.