The new way of working; less commuting?

Urban transport planning is often based on traditional transportation: living, working and leisure. We leave our houses in the morning to go to work. Grocery shopping is done in the nearly shopping center. On the weekend we look for relaxation in a park or a recreational facility, we visit family or go to the local shopping mall for ‘fun’shopping.

So, there is a recognizable pattern. But employees are increasingly able to do their work remotely from home and organize their own work times. Companies are now also facilitating this through the New Way of working. When do you still go to your work? And when you get together, where do you meet? At central meeting points, like Seats to Meet?

For the younger generations, digital contact is much more natural than for older generations that are still attached to direct contact. Will working remotely take off in the coming 20 years? And what will that mean in terms of mobility?