Trendsportal receives compliments at Connected event in Venlo

‘Innovation in Mobility!’ that was the title of the presentation that Trendsportal did at Theater de Maaspoort in Venlo during the Connected event on April 10. The visitor were offered inspiration around the themes of innovation and sustainability and to make new collaboration connections and earning opportunities.

Make mobility fun

Tom Jacobs and Peter van Wijlick from Trendsportal first confronted approximately 300 representatives from Mid and Small businesses from North-Limburg with a statement of harsh reality: ‘Mobility Hurts!’. But how can a business owner make mobility fun again? Our experts offered helpful tools for this. By putting them into practice, mobility will be good for traffic safety once again, good for the environment and good for the wallet. The presentation was designed with videos. A good example of how you can make mobility fun: the dancing traffic light.

The room rewarded Trendsportal with a thunderous applause. As a follow-up action, Trendsportal will be having discussion with visitors in the coming months, to put the theory into practice.