working on sustainable, safe and smart traffic and transport.
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Sustainable, safe and smart mobility

Trendsportal offers residents, businesses, interested parties and governments access to stimulating ideas and an unexpected look at traffic and transport issues in North Limburg. 

Trendsportal is an initiative of the eight municipalities of Regional Mobility RMO (Regionaal mobiliteitsoverleg) of North Limburg and is open to everyone who feels involved personally or professionally, and actively wants to contribute to sustainable, safe and smart mobility for tomorrow.

Would you also like to participate in Trendsportal? Gladly! Our great strength is a strong, growing network. This is why we are open to everyone who feels personally or professionally involved in traffic and transport issues in North-Limburg. Be heard, think along and participate!



 logistics companies, transport organisations, governments, educational institutions and civil society organisations.  



where we are actively working on mobility solutions for our region.


Bekijk hieronder met wie we al samenwerken.

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